Egar Keret and his son’s morning walks to school

“Since I am not a creature of habit, those morning walks with Lev became almost the only ritual in my life, a kind of slow, pleasant awakening in an equally sleepy universe, until one evening that spring … ”

Etgar Keret – short story author & capturer of the often bizarre and surreal nature of life in modern Israel – writes this week of his morning walks to school with his son Lev in the NY Times. From conversations on which superheroes have the best sense of humor to preferred government positions, Keret’s memoirs of this time display the power of being present in your children’s lives – hineni. Until, that is, Lev starts to display stronger yearnings for independence.

well-family-keret-article_Giselle Potter

Giselle Potter, NY Times

Read the full story on how Keret and his wife manage the conversation, and ultimately find a sweet and heartwarming compromise.

For those with older children, how have you experienced the balancing of connection and independence with your kids? For those with young kids or none, how do you imagine navigating this stage of parenthood?

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